Picture 1960s what comes to mind: is a period marked with a lot of societal change, in terms of activism, rise of feminism and yes the time when the Beatles and Elvis were belting out tunes that were going to be classics generations to come and not forgetting the electrical James Brown. However, this also was time also the bath salt MDPV like Heron was being “born.” Flash forward to the current times and at present MDPV for sale is still common in the internet world. Talk about; a bath salt defying the true taste of time, if immortality existed then MDPV is the embodiment of it.

You might be wondering why all this background information? Certainly, we are not in a History class, are we? Of course not, moving on then MDPV is a designer drug and in full (just in case any nerd stumbles upon this), its Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, Huh! That’s my exact reaction, what why they thinking when they came up with such a name for a mere bath salt but wait, do I hear Chemistry whispering? Oh yes Chemistry, damn you for these names.

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